The benefits of boxing training are endless. Over the years the principles of Boxing training have been used by athletes, sporting teams and the general public to improve their fitness.

At KOFIT we combine the principals of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to create a unique training regime. In essence it is the best Sport Specific training available without the need to step in the ring.

We keep the class size small which allows our trainers to maintain a very high standard of Fitness Training.

boxing training when conducted properly means the majority of muscles in the body will be targeted throughout the workout. This means that The Boxing Fitness Class at KOFIT will give you a complete all body workout.

Benefits include:

  • Strength and endurance gain
  • Low impact on the joints but high intensity.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Weight Loss.
  • High energy and calorie expenditure
  • Adaptable to aerobic and anaerobic training