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A comprehensive fitness program tailored to an individual needs that typically focuses on one or more specific skill and is intended for all regardless of Age, Experience or Gender.
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Our Fitness Classes
Group Sessions
Weekly Group Boxing For Fitness Sessions held in Cherry Tree Wood East Finchley

Wed 18.30-19.30 & Sat 11.30-12.30

20 Min HIIT Session
Weekly Group Boxing HIIT Session held in Cherry Tree Wood East Finchley

Sun 11.30-12.00

Personal Training
121 training at a time to suit you 7 days per week Held in Cherry Tree Wood East Finchley

Available 7 days per week 7.00-19.00

About Us
We provide multi-level ‘boxing for fitness’ training that is guaranteed to produce results whether you are looking to lose weight or get fit this is the class for you. combining the principals of professional boxing training and functional fitness to create a unique training system that works.
Class Location
Cherry Tree Wood Park
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Group Session
Time18.30 – 19.30

Cherry Tree Wood


Group Session
Tine 11.30-12.30

Cherry Tree Wood


Group HIIT Session
Time 11.30-12.00

Cherry Tree Wood

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